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Generation J

ages 18 to 35

April, 28 to May, 9 2022

We are young and we are Yiddish.
The granny language?
Yes – and no.
Experience why Yiddish is exactly for you
and join Generation J.
Where young and Yiddish refuse to be opposites.

Let’s find out together!

Zayt bagrist! 

  My name is Jojne

and I invite you to our youth camp!

What’s happening?

Machane, Camp, summer school – you name it. All of that, and yet different. Generation J brings together arts and learning, discussion and friendship. Come explore a Yiddish world with us. A world that goes far beyond Shtisl and grannies; a world that is creative, young and avantgarde. And by “exploration”, we don’t mean: we lecture and you listen. Not at all. Instead, you’ll help us create the program!  In 2022, there is one program for young adults from 18 to 35.

Yiddish is alive, because we are. Because you are  making it come alive with us. Together with a team of other young people and wonderful teachers, you’ll create a creative project and learn so much along the way - about Yiddish, beauty and politics, music, Jewish history, literature, film, resistance and empowerment, vulnerability - then and now -  and finally: about yourself.


Your registration via our form helps us select 30 participants for the program. The form will also ask you for your pronouns and how we can contact you. We’ll send you the final confirmation and regular updates about the project. There are only a few spots - So register now, and feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.


supported by

A project of the Other Music Academy/Yiddish Summer Weimar.

Who’s behind it?

At Generation J, we’ve brought together the best ever team. Naturally. We’ll be posting portraits of our team members in the coming weeks here and on Instagram (@generationj_). Be ready for some surprises!

Alma Roggenbuck


Yiddishist, cultural manager, unionist, organizer.

Stefanie Beine

(no pronouns)

Activist, anthropologist,  organizer.

Avia Moore


Dancer, scholar of performance studies, theatermaker, producer.

Sasha Lurje


Ethnomusicologist, singer, community organizer.

Tal Hever-Chybowski


Yiddishist, translator, editor, historian, scholar of diasporic Hebrew.

Eyal Davidovitch


Filmmaker, graphic designer, interdisciplinary artist.

Nui Arendt

(no pronouns)

Activist, transformative justice practitioner, systemic counselor.

Adi Kang


Dancer, photographer, astronomer, agriculturist, cook.

Dirk Hornschuch


Graphic designer, illustrator, plastilin movie artist, cook.

Raphaëlle Oskar


Student of Talmud, performer, multi-media artist, story-teller.

Janina Wurbs


Yiddishist, translator, photographer, teacher, puppeteer.

Avinoam Stillman


Scholar of kabalah, publisher, writer, space holder.

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